Policy Committee
As issues arise Karen Buhr, Executive Director, will inform all of issues and will request inputs from the committee.  Correspondence will be done via e-mail or phone as many times a quick turnaround is required.  I ask each committee member to let Karen know if you have recommendation or concern.  Karen will take responses and will inform President of determinations and recommendation.  Based on inputs Executive Committee will approve official position for CARCD and Executive Director is to care out policy.  If an issue requires action by RCDs or directors notices will be provided to all RCDs for action.
Name Representing
Sherman Boone Chairman, VP
Jim McKeena Santa Cruz & Large Grants
Nancy Helsey Education
Chuck Pritchard Ag and Grazing
Mike Byrne Ag & Water
Nadine Scott Urban
Ron Rolleri Sotoyome, N. CA
Pat Quist Past President
Kirk Ford Tuolumne, New RCDs
Phil Schoeffner Western Shasta & Special Dist.
Pete Johnson Forestry & Fuels
Dale Pierce Wildlife & Biology
Toby Horst Sierra RCD, Horses
Paul Williams Inland Empire, Southern CA
Shelli Lamb Advisor, LA region and Southern CA