District Manager's Communication Committee
The purpose of the Communication Committee is twofold: 1) To improve communication
among District Managers within RCD regions and state wide 2) To improve communication between the District Managers and CARCD staff and board.
The committee will endeavor to have one District Manager representative from each of the ten RCD regions.

Committee Term of Service:
Committee members will serve one year terms, and can serve consecutive terms, not to exceed three years. New members can either volunteer or will be selected by consensus of the majority of the District Managers in their region.
Committee Member Responsibilities: 
  1. Maintain a current list of contacts for each district in their respective regions and provide updates to the master RCD contact list on a regular basis.
  2. Solicit feedback from districts in their respective regions to identify high level management activities/concerns to CARCD.
  3. Determine best communication methods within their region to seek input.
  4. Communicate high level CARCD updates that are of importance to their respective regions and statewide.
  5. Attend the CARCD board meeting and speak on behalf of the committee (rotating responsibility) about high level activities/concerns.
  6. Assist the CARCD board, where appropriate, in decision making that affects the health of all RCDs.
  7. Attend a monthly committee call.
  8. Attend the monthly CARCD District Manager’s calls (rotating responsibility) and bring up relevant topics of interest.
Current Committee Members -2017:
  • Bay Delta - Stephanie Moreno, Guadalupe-Coyote RCD
  • Central Coast - Kellyx Nelson, San Mateo RCD
  • Central Sierra - VACANT
  • High Desert - Dana Raponi, Mojave Desert RCD
  • Modoc Plateau - Ian Sims, Honey Lake Valley RCD
  • North Coast - Patricia Hickey, Mendocino RCD
  • Sacramento Valley - Chester Anderson, Western Shasta RCD
  • San Joaquin Valley - VACANT
  • SoCal Inland Empire - Mandy Parkes, Inland Empire RCD
  • Southern California Baja - Sheryl Landrum, RCD of Greater San Diego County