Annual Conference
69th Annual Conference - Crowne Plaza Ventura Beach - November 2014
70th Annual Conference - Tenaya Lodge at Yosemite - November 2015 

Thank you to everyone for helping us make the 68th Annual Conference in Napa a success!
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2013 Conference Presentations:
A Potential Future Role for RCDs - Sacramento River Watershed Program
A Pro-Active Groundwater Management Approach - By Steve Baker, Operation Unite
A Regional Monitoring Program For the Sacramento River Watershed - By Holly Jorgensen, Sacramento River Watershed & Stephen McCord, McCord Environmental 
Agricultural Land Stewardship - By the Department of Water Resources
Applications of Local Vegetation Maps - By Jennifer Buck-Diaz, California Native Plant Society
Back to our Roots: A Federal/Local Success Story - By Larry Lloyd, Sutter County RCD 
Ecological & No-Till Farming - By Paul Kaiser, Singing Frogs Farm 
Employment Practices - By Dennis Timoney, Special Districts Risk Management Authority
Forging Partnerships to Protect Sreambanks in Urban/Rural Napa County - By Rita Steiner & Carolyn Jones, Napa County RCD
Greening the North Davis Ditch: Scoping a Greenbelt - By Gillies Robertson, Yolo County RCD  
Instream Transfers for Fish & Farmers: Ideas for RCDs - By Sari Sommarstrom, Scott River Water Trust
Integrated Regional Water Management & RCD Nexus - By Anne Coates, Cachuma RCD & Jane Gray, DUDEK Engineering and Environmental
Land Trusts and RCDs: Successful Partnerships - By Bob Neale, Sonoma Land Trust & Brittany Heck, Gold Ridge RCD
Providing Urban Style Water Conservation Services to Agricultural Residential Properties - By Amanda Platt, CARCD & Mark Roberson, Sacramento Area Water Forum
RCDs and the Bay-Friendly Coalition: Partnering to Promote Stewardship in our Cities - By Frances Knapczyk, Napa County RCD & Linda Gates, Gates and Associates Bay-Friendly Coalition 
Salmon Creek Dairies Project - By William Hart, Gold Ridge RCD 
Sonoma RCD: A District Consolidation Case Study - By Kara Heckert, Sonoma RCD 
Southern California Steelhead within the Santa Ynez River - By Tim Robinson, Cachuma Project Water Agencies 
The Value of Citizen Monitoring - By Phil Cramer, Western Shasta RCD 
Visioning: A 5-to-10 Year Vision of the Ideal RCD - By District Managers, Group 1 
Water Stewardship on California Farms: A Review of Technical Assistance Programs - By Dave Runsten & Kendall Lambert, Community Alliance with Family Farmers